Sunday, August 14, 2011

Advice from a Second Year

I'm so glad that our MSC is finished. This morning I'd be in no position to complete the quiz. You know what quiz and exactly what I'm talkin' about. Don't be coy here. I'm talking about the PCMO quiz with the answers of never, more than twice a month, daily, etc. 

It's nice to blame others for your problems. I blame Johnny Walker. Black. And EBJ . . . though perhaps I have only myself and JWB to blame. I've always said that man is dangerous. In any event, this is what happens when your favorite PVCs COS. That's way too many acronyms this morning . . . when my head says WTF?

So you can just forget this it takes a village crap. It doen's take a village. It takes other PCVs. And without them I'd be insane (hey, no rude comments, required). It's sad that so many of my favorites are COSing.

So now my stage is the senior stage. That's scarry. How did it happen, you ask? Je ne aucune idee. That's my favorite French phrase. An LCF would rank me Advanced High if that's all I had to say . . . and if I didn't have to spell it. It's my response to almost every quesiton posed by HCNs, APCDs, CDs, and PCMOs. So a few words of advice to the new PCTs: Je ne aucune idee! Use it not sparingly . . . and then suck it up and deal. 

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