Thursday, August 11, 2011

Frustrated Again?

If you find yourself having daily negotiations over leaving your house in the mornings, you are not alone, so, "make a plan," as certain people like to put it. 

If people in your village are draining your emotional and physical energies, don't just avoid them by staying home (they can find you there and then you're really trapped!). Instead, stay in village as long as you can before you think you will lash-out. Once you reach that point your next living allowance should have allotted itself to your account; so leave your village even if you have a Poste or bank there and take out your money somewhere where you can spend it unashamedly. Immediately start spending it on things that actually make you happy for a couple of days. By then interpersonal relationships might be more manageable for another month. 

Repeat until you COS. And Suck it up and deal!

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