Friday, August 12, 2011

It's A Tough Job, But Someone Has To Do It

Life in The B.F. can be tough, no doubt about it. There are days when I think that this kitten has the right idea. Well, perhaps that's a tad extreme. Perhaps. Certainly, life in my village is a prime example of sometimes under conditions of hardship, which is precisely what the PC promised.

For example, here's a list of things that really make me realize how tough my life has become here in The B.F.
  • My lovely white porcelain toilet's flush mechanism is broken. I must lift the tank lid and manually (yea, I say unto thee, manually!) press the flush button. Conditions of hardship, right?
  • Purchasing a month of Internet service only to find that the cell tower is broken and I'll be unable to download iTunes. Don't you hate that?
  • Gigantic, albeit slow-moving flies landing on my nose while I read in bed with my headlight. I’ve had no overhead light in my bedroom since last December and it won't be repaired until this weekend. So I haven't been able to watch movies in bed for eight (8) months! Quel dommage.
  • The fact that my Sonicare Toothbrush won’t hold a charge for more than a week.
  • The fact that my Clarisonic facial brush needs a new brush-head. Talk about conditions of hardship!
  • Waking in the night to head for the latrine, only to find that a dozen tiny baby lizards are having a party in my salon . . . without me, and without bringing a new bottle of vodka.
  • Inability to find the emergency pack of cigarettes, which I hid in my hut and then forgot the hiding place. Freaky scary!
  • Running out of new 30Rock episodes to occupy my evenings.
These are but a few of the thousand little things that make me the poster-child for hardship-living. You understand, right? What?! You don't have a porcelain toilet in a private outdoor room . . . shaded, covered, and with a running water shower? Hmm. Well don't complain that the PC doesn't make good on its promises: Sometimes under conditions of hardship. 

And, PETA, if you’re out there, no kittens were harmed during the posting of this blog . . . though we cannot say as much for the kittens in The B.F. . . . so suck it up and deal!

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