Monday, August 29, 2011

What’s the VR F’ing Deal?

Pardon my English, but I can juggle a lot of shit. Or not. It’s the Just One Thing theory. If I can do just one thing, then I can VRF it.

Today I picked a bell pepper from my garden . . . a garden the size of a lit-pico. But I can VRF that. Harvested produce from model garden, again. Hey, but this time there were curious children around who asked whether my oh-so-not-sustainable MiracleGro SuperBloom was fertilizer. So I can VRF that, too. Sensibilization regarding the use of fertilizer to youth group.

I also went to the Poste to discover that my new checks had arrived. VRF read? Why, it’s part of my world map project – sensibilization regarding education and geography -- because when I asked Roland for my checks, I also reminded her that we were ready to begin painting the world map. Then I went to my bureau to put together the new portable moulin. VRF: Formation on moulin design and fabrication for community development with sensibilization on uses for milled soy. Good job! I also spent time talking to someone from the Ministry of Environment. We discussed the anniversary fair, whether to bring my association's honey, how honey is made, and educating women on producing honey. That is definitely VRFable . . . somehow.

I went to my laundry guy and ended-up speaking English with his new neighbor who makes batik with wax and wood carvings. Good Lord. I’m this close to Ghana and just now found a reliable friend who speaks English. I’m in love. But aside from that, I’ve got a new business partner to whom I can teach dying bessin (he doesn’t know how to do it -- I don't know how to spell it) and work on bookkeeping. That’s got VRF written all over it. I stopped at Sonnabel to pay the electric bill only to discover a line out the door since the office will be closed for two days due to Ramadan. Business management skills: don’t ask the client to pay 50cfa for the bike park when the client didn’t even enter the bureau.

In to the bank to exchange my ripped 5000 cfa for a crisp new bill. Business development and technical skills: discussion with bank manager regarding need/desire for service technician at ATM machine. I went to my tailor. My pants still aren’t finished; and while I’m in no rush, it’s been about five weeks. Five weeks?!? Let’s talk customer service. VRF: More business management skills sensibilizations.

Finally I bought a bottle of rum and some popcorn. I refused the Coke since it wasn’t cold . . . my village having been without electricity for over two days. Pouabizan, do something about that. And you guys need to sell straws! Business management and services: discussed new product lines, loss of sales and inventory during power outages, and saving program for generator.

I was home before 10:30, with a bottle of rum and the promise of two days off for Ramadan. And I’ve failed to mention the delivery of the Bike Tour letters to the Haut Commisaire, the Mayor, and the President of Club UNESCO. VRF: Discussion of gender and diversity.

But wait, there’s more. My bloody frigo is on the fritz again. So I removed the powders I keep in it (powdered sugar, cocoa, flour) and found two huge bags of vanilla protein powder. It smells so yummy. I took about 4 kilos of protein powder to Sada and suggested that she put two scoops in little sachets and sell it at the pump where she works . . . after first donating sample spoonfuls. We discussed possible uses and health benefits. Promoted women’s & children's health, discussed entrepreneurship and marketing techniques.
All this I did . . . on a morning without coffee. And if you can’t come up with a over a dozen ways to VRF your day, which, in terms of being a real-live PCV, was undoubtedly more productive than mine . . . OK, you know where this is going. I don't even have to say it, do I?

God, what I wouldn’t give for that pair of heels . . . and a straw. But I suppose I’d better suck it up and deal.

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